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Revamp the address bar/toolbar.

Making moves

The toolbar is way too thin. The height of the toolbar should be bigger and user friendly. I use the toolbar at the bottom, increasing the height would help. Sometimes i trigger navigation gestures. 

The menu on the bottom right corner is not responsive half time. The hit box is so small. For curved screen users like me the button touching the edge interferes with the area set for palm rejection. The toolbar needs padding. The menu is impossible to hit with 1 hand if you are right handed. 

3rd would be to drag the toolbar to show the tabs open. 

4th would be to just increase the hit boxes of every element. 

Removing the "Home" button from the toolbar would be good. It can house a smart button than can change according to the users actions. The button can change to "downloads" after the user downloaded something. Anything other than a home button would be better. Removing it altogether can give more padding to other items. 

Overall, the whole toolbar needs to be upgraded and redesigned.