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Reporting bugs in new versions should not be painful

Making moves

New versions should be better, not buggier. And if they are buggy, then it should NOT be painful to report the bugs.

I have already suffered enough to get to this point that my new question should be "WTF am I still using Firefox?" Or maybe "Why would I dream of donating any money to support such a fiasco?"

Drop me a line if you think you can persuade me this is still a viable browser or project or whatever it is supposed to be. The only reason I'm still here is because the alternatives still appear to be worse, but maybe I should look more closely at the options. AGAIN?

Oh yeah. I should note that I am NOT a new member. I'm quite an old user of Firefox but I cannot recall ANY case where problems were solved in relation to any problem report I submitted. But of course I cannot check because your handling of security is so bad that you have to force me to rejoin and reregister so often.