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Client Certificate Brakes Every Other Update, Keeps Asking Even If Selected To Save

Making moves

I really like Firefox and used to use it across the board...personal and work devices.
Love having everything synced.

HOWEVER, (and a BIG one!) my work uses a zero-trust model and for that, all of our internal systems require a client certificate.
It'll prompt for the certificate, it'll ask you if you want to save it, you'll click yes and in the versions it works, it works fine.
Then, when you upgrade to a new version of Firefox (automatically!) it breaks and even when you click "Remember choice" it will not. It will keep asking for the certificate over and over and over and over.
In some of the systems, just by login in I need to press confirm up to 8 times because of the different HTTP/S calls.
I've already done lots and lots of troubleshooting, I've endured versions until there was an update that would finally take the issue away, in some cases deleting the cert association in the cert store would fix it. Last time, it didn't.
So I've officially migrated to Chrome (As much as it pains me!) because it NEVER has an issue with it!

It's EXTREMELY annoying and counter-productive when it happens. And it just happens way too often. When I think a version will fix the issue for good, a new one comes along and breaks everything.

P.S.: This is feedback, not bug reporting! 🙂


Making moves

Couldn't agree more.  Every week it updates and wipes out my password keeper add on.  It really really bugs me.