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Remove predictions in the mobile ios firefox app

Making moves

Hi. When in search bar I type “r” I see “” link as prediction. When i type something else, i see other website. Why should i see these websites which i never use? Why should i hear every day names of a people which I do not know! I just want to have empty search bar all the time. I want to type whole website address without having and jumps, pops-up, predictions, offering. Just do not annoy me with whatever I do not control. Please. It is so annoying and you learn to pay no attention on what distracts you so it means you learn to be less aware.

With managing setting in desktop Firefox I made completely empty search bar - thank you for that (because in Safari and Chrome it not worked and it keeps annoying me, so I am switching to Firefox) and the same I ask you for mobile app. Please. Some users do not want any “help” from the algorithms. I am not lazy and I can type the whole web address on my own without seeing suggestions where i want to go (which in most cases wrong and distracting).


I hope you understand me.

What you think about that?