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Recent update 115.11.0esr

Making moves

My Firefox web browser was working as always.  But right after the last update to 115.11.0esr opening Firefox is so slow it's almost a freeze. When the browser is open my Win7 seems slow and sticky.
Note: When the browser is in use/open my Avast AV is hard to open, Now sometimes I have to close Firefox to get it to open.  I have not changed anything with Avast at all except for definitions update ONLY. NOT program update.
  When I'm using the computer without Firefox open...being used... everything works/runs as normal.
  Is there a way to go back before the last update?




win32 or win64, it depends on your operating system

Uninstall Firefox from your computer
Does not delete user data and settings, your user profile
You reinstall Firefox, so you normally get your user profile back

With Windows7 for my part i installed Zorin OS in dual-boot

Capture d’écran_2024-05-21_07-56-35.png

Making moves

Yes Firefox will not explained why the programming of v115 is so poor, what good is a browser you have to keep reinstalling and re adding extension such a waste of time; only Firefox know why it slow and so there is nothing that can be done about it, unless you want to use another browser as Firefox just getting worse for years now.