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Change the way how 'refresh firefox' works or change its name other than refresh

Making moves

My firefox recently crashed, then I was prompt to refresh firefox. After that it deleted all my tabs and windows. From a casual user perspective, I thought it would do as it says, not a whole format of tabs. Either please change the name or change how refreshing works. Because down the line similar users will experience this mistake.


Making moves

yes the should call it a reset, because that is what it is. so do not customize Firefox OK!


Sorry to hear about losing your session. A successful Refresh should bring your tabs over, but it will reset your toolbars and add-ons. In case of problems, the old data should be on your Windows/Mac/Linux desktop in an "Old Firefox Data" folder. You can submit a new question on the Mozilla Support site for help using the files in that folder if the Refresh didn't work correctly.


Most people would learn the hard way that a Refresh damages you Firefox installed. I would never use a refresh as I do not have time to reinstall more than a dozen extensions and I would have to make a list of them; to bad Firefox does not ask you if you want to reinstall each one. lol. refresh is useless; same as uninstall and reinstall.

To bad Firefox does not allow you to select the extension to reinstall then it might be useful