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(Re-) enable a good ssb feature

Making moves

The ssb.enable toggle was removed a few months ago because "user research" showed that nobody wanted it.

Well, I want it. Its absence has brought me near the tipping point of abandoning firefox in favour of Edge.

Why: I have been using the Edge webapp feature for some time, as this is the only way to bypass MSFT inability to support multiple Teams sites in their PC app.

This week I started using Todoist, and since the ssb feature was gone from Firefox I had to use Edge. Now every time I click a link in Todoist, it opens in Edge, which I don't want.

By not having ssb.enable, Firefox falls off the shelf as the default browser, since a webapp that is actually an Edge container will open new links in Edge.

The easiest fix for this is to abandon Firefox and give in to Edge. Is that really what you want?