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Ram usage

Making moves

Hi everybody,

I am having some ram usage problems lately. Normally Mozilla does not use much of the ram comparing to chrome. But for a few weeks, I notice my laptops fan going crayz when I am online. When I check the task manager usually I see Mozilla using to much ram. I have 3 extensions I believe and not more. Can there be an explanation for this. Thanks for now.




Usually fan noise is associated with a heavy CPU workload but the CPU numbers in your screenshot are not very high. ??

If you open the "Ayrıntılar" tab and compare with Firefox's internal about:processes page (the process numbers should match), are there any Firefox processes that are not accounted for? Also, this page will let you associate specific websites to the memory usage of individual processes. That can be helpful in identifying sites that Firefox does not handle as well.

Making moves

Sorry for replying late.
Firstly it is nice Firefox to have a task manager type feature. I checked it and ram usage numbers are matching. But my question was why firefox using that much of ram in the first place ? Today while just wathing videos the app was using 1.5gb of ram, %65 cpu and %40 ish gpu power. Sometimes I get nervous if my laptop got a virus or someting but when I check it its all clean.