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"Copy image" makes it send as file instead of picture

Making moves

Hello everyone. I'm on the latest Firefox and Windows 11. I use WhatsApp app on the desktop. I tried to send a picture, and what I usually have done (used Edge) is search for an image, "Copy image" and ctrl + v in the chat (works for Discord too) to send it. However, today I tried to do that, and with Firefox it would send the images as "files" instead. Tried it with Edge and it worked fine.

I was wondering if this is a bug, something to do with Firefox in general, or something related to the WhatsApp app (I know some "apps" use Edge as the 'engine' since they're basically web wraps). Occured to me to submit it as a feature request alongside tab grouping, but decided to ask around first just in case.

Steps to replicate: Go to a WhatsApp chat (app, not sure if web behaves differently, I don't use it since web version doesn't have call features), try to paste a picture you have copied from the browser selecting "Copy Image" on context menu, and instead of showcasing the picture (jpg, gif, png, etc) it will say something like "Gif file".

Thank you very much for your response.

Thank you very much for your response.