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Questions about the "Permissions for functionality" ...

Making moves

Hail all:

First off, a note to explain this post:
I have severe Asperger's and ADHD.
I work for a Corporation that handles delicate data.
Now, my Asperger's requires clarity, but this ad-on is all BUT clear.
Which is a serious annoyance, since, more and more, life is becoming unclear, due to continuous contradictions everywhere.
More so ... it, at first glance, appears to be not quite right:
The ad-on promises security and privacy, BUUUUUT ... does seemingly the absolute opposite?
Let me explain:

So, I got the Multi-Account Container ad-on.
Upon installing it, it requested:

  • Access your data for all web sites
  • Access browsing history
  • Monitor extension usage and manage themes
  • Access browser tabs

Why on earth are these needed?
Now, you speak of privacy, security, all very nice, but then you throw these "necessities" in the ad-on, which totally counter the promised privacy, security and whatnot.

I have certain data that I access through the Private Window in Firefox, related to my work.
Several tabs are Corporate Account information, log ins, ... , which I darn sure refuse to give out.
Not to mention, Corporate project data.

Your "necessities" breach privacy, security, and even invoke the possibility of personal data theft, bank data theft, and even, indeed so, Corporate espionage!

1) Access data for all websites:
Why not just ask the darn info directly? I will open the Corporation for you, give you all access keys. Way faster.
2) Access browsing history:
If you need money, just ask ... I do not like my data shoved out for money so they can "offer targetted advertising". I HATE advertising, each ad I encounter brings my IQ down by 10 %, because my poor dumb brain can't understand the stream of lies in those. Also: you have no rights to dive into my history data, it is "private" for a reason, protected by LAW. This then breaches these Privacy Laws.
3) Monitor extension usage and manage themes:
Oh? Am I per chance a COMPLETE idiot? That I can't read, or think? I am quite sure, I am just clever enough to handle this myself, I reckon. Could be wrong, but then there's google and the likes to help me out, in case I do not find the right colour and icon for my tab.
4) Access Browser Tabs:
Here's a smarter idea, I think ... well, for as far as I CAN think, seeing the above uncalled for "assistance" provided: Come to my place and have my computer. Direct access thus no need to do all that network doing thingy needed for remote Browser Access.

Sorry for appearing angry, but these kinds of "necessities to ensure the ad-on to work".
This ad-on can just as well work without these "kindly offered assist tools".
So why are they in here, while you provide your ad-on as a means to secure and privatise my data?

I would appreciate some information here.
Thank you.