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Problem with Thunderbird Supernova email program version 115.3.2

Making moves

Hello and welcome

I have a problem with Thunderbird Supernova email program version 115.3.2. All accounts and messages have been lost - this applies to an Exchange/Office 365 account with the paid Sowa add-on. Version 115.3.1 works fine.

Wiesław Mac


Making moves

I made 2 posts about bugs in this version, but accidentally put them in a thread for 115.2, so please take a look at them there. Don't want to duplicate them here. Thanks and sorry for the boo-boo!

Making moves

It appears that version 115.3.2 of Thunderbird Supernova has a bug or compatibility issue leading to the loss of accounts and messages, especially with Exchange/Office 365 accounts using the paid Sowa add-on. If version 115.3.1 works well for you, it might be best to revert to that version until the developers release a fix or update addressing this issue. You can also check for any official bug reports or updates from the Thunderbird community for a solution.