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Printing a list of e-mails???

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I need your help, maybe you'll know a solution. Let me explain...

To make my work easier, on sent e-mails I put tags and e-mail subjects, which are the most important. These e-mails usually include attachments, a few words about them and a signature. Quite often, I need to print only the subjects of e-mails. This is because it's easier for me to look at the printed list of e-mail subjects, which is kinda like a to-do list.

Now, to print only the subjects, I select all of the e-mails that interest me, and then I have to copy all of them, along with their contents. I paste my whole text into a word processing program, and there, using a "find and replace" function, I delete the e-mail addresses, tags and contents. Just like that, all that is left is just a list of e-mail subjects. As you can see, this is quite troublesome and takes a lot of time.

Do you, by any chance, know any solution, that can make printing lists of e-mail subjects possible? I've tried using some extensions, but i haven't found anything interesting or worth my attention. Maybe if you don't know how to easily solve this, you can suggest one to the creators. I would be very grateful!

Best Regards




Hi Damian, are you using Thunderbird for your email, or using your email provider's website in Firefox? I'm thinking there might be an add-on for this, but Firefox and Thunderbird add-ons are on completely different sites.

Hi. Thank you for your reply. I'm using Mozilla Thunderbird. I'm trying to find somethingd in add-ons, but there is nothing. 😞

Thunderbird is important for me (IMAP), but in Thunderbird are labels and they are synchronized in my all laptops. 🙂