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Familiar face

I just thought I would take a look at discussion on the site.  Seriously, by the third page I was getting quite frustrated with repetition so decided to post this.

9 Pinned topics per page, repeated over and over followed by 10 topics from the community.  I read the pinned topic list the first time.  Thought they looked familiar the second time and by the third time decided something has to be done.  If you want to have a lot of pinned topics,  fine.  But offer a way to not see them at all if you are not interested in them next time you visit, and also only show them on the first page,  repeating them on every page is just an insult to those trying to use the site.



That you for mentioning this, I keep forgetting to complain about it.

I think it is sufficient for the pinned items to be pinned on the first page and not repeated in subsequent pages. Hopefully Lithium (or whatever this platform is) can accommodate.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for this feedback. Normally we only have 2-3 posts pinned for visibility—the weekly recap highlighting the top ideas from the previous week and the current Product Manager-hosted discussion. But with our latest major release with some bigger changes (106), we have a lot more discussion threads hosted by our Product Team to gather feedback on these features and see where we can improve. Once those are closed out, we'll return to the normal amount.

Also, pinned discussions are only actually pinned in the Discussions page. Everything on the main page of Mozilla Connect is based on recent activity, so a new post or a new comment on a previous post. Nothing can be pinned there. Same with the Ideas board.

But agreed it can get repetitive! And we are working with the platform to improve that experience.