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Option to hide titlebar in thunderbird

Making moves


I`m here to request an option to toggle ( or remove ) the titlebar in thunderbird.
You can already toggle the file edit view  ECTs bar ECTs, but when I toggle hide all title bars in my OS.
the title bar with the search ore something else i don't need is stir there !

Id also still like to be able to remove the tabs.

Me and other`s would very much like this removed.
He`re is someone else complaining about it during the beta of the new version.


Making moves

I support that request.

I have a small screen, and this title-bar alone takes more than 7% of the vertical space. That's 2.5 messages in my inbox using the default "Density" (3.5 using the compact one).

It is very unintuitive to me why the title-bar doesn't disappear automatically in fullscreen and reappears then when one hovers the mouse towards the top of the screen. Several other GTK3 applications behave like this (e.g, Evince).

I spent quite a bit of time trying to tinker with Thunderbird's internals, and couldn't find a way to get rid of the toolbar. The only work-around I found so far is to tell my windows manager to keep Thunderbird maximized but not fullscreen, and to place it higher up, so that the title-bar is out of the screen. I actually does what I want, but I think I do not need to argue that this is not optimal.

I scrolled through the Reddit thread and at least to people there would support this request:

  • xoniGinox: I was able to remove the search bar in 113.0b6 using the customize bar option, but unfortunately the menu bar itself remains even when empty. Hopefully in the future the ability to remove empty menu bars will be added back?
  • SnooCheesecakes2821: I tripple this statement. suddenly having 10% of my screen be an unresolvable waste of space is not good. 

More users in this thread appear to support that request, although they might just be asking for a way to remove the search bar (which is relatively easy to do).