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Opinion about v115

Making moves

When I opened v115 after installing it, everything looked so compacted! (compared to the previous version)

It's like every row of the emails list no longer has a margin. The same for the accounts/folders list in the sidebar.

Then I noticed the "Density" setting, and I changed from Compact to Default, but now it looks too spaced out. v102 had the perfect paddings.


The "Filter these messages" search box only accepts some characters.... "r", "s" and "a" don't work, but "m" and "i" works, for example... so I can't search messages, unless I use the global search.

EDIT - actually, this issue here is because of the extension "tbkeys-lite" that I have, that unsets the functionality of many of the default key bindings that Thunderbird has, like pressing "a" to archive, etc.

The reason I have most of these disabled is because of the lack of a setting from Thuderbird to disable those bindings, and I had loads of bad accidents where I meant to be typing something in the search, but instead, I basically archived, removed, and whatever else to loads of emails, because of these stupid key bindings that I couldn't disable.

I'm definitely not disabling "tbkeys-lite", so I hope Thunderbird fixes this issue with the "Filter these messages" that was working well on v102, or gives us a setting to disable these key bindings.


And I really don't like that the action buttons moved up to the top of the window, above the tabs...

I have "Delete", "Tag" and "Archive" there, which I use all the time to organize my emails.

Now they're "way too far" from the emails list, having to "move the mouse" through the Filter box, the Tabs, the Menu and finally I get to the buttons.

On v102, these buttons were "right there"...








With v102, I used to be able to change the size of the "Total Messages" column, in the side bar, allowing only 1 digit to appear, and the rest to show as "..."




This was very useful to being able to easily see when a "Sent" or "Drafts" folder contained messages, while not caring for the other big folders having 1000+ messages.

But with v115, I can't resize that column, so basically all these big numbers show, making it useless to me, now.






And of course... extensions broken again.


Hopefully these are things that can be either fixed or customizable.

I appreciate the developers' efforts, but this release doesn't seem to be an improvement to me.

(just in case some people reply with "you demand so much for a free software!!" - please know I've donated several times already, and I suggest you do the same)


Making moves

I agree that the "Compact" view is... too compact! I wish there was an additional Less-Compact view i could select, or perhaps a way (in about:config maybe?) to set the margin (in pixels) to use in each view...