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Open with pop-up window

Making moves

The last update (has been a while now) changed the pop-up window where you can choose what to open a particular file type with (in my case, rtf).  The window used to show what was currently selected, so if it was set on the program I wanted to use, I'd just click open.  Now, it shows simply "browse" so that I have to click on browse every single time in order to choose what I want to open with, then okay and then okay again.  My work is such that I use this feature a lot and the extra steps, though seemingly minimal, are wasting a lot of time.  How do I get the pop-up to show what program is currently selected in the open-with window?    Thank you!


Familiar face

Don't you have to set that file type to be opened on Firefox on Applications table? I had the same issue, opening a certain file was always making Firefox to ask me if save it or open it so I understand the complaint, it's really annoying.