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Open tab counter

Making moves

I’m not sure this will get read, even less that I’ll get a reply. If this gets both, then that would be phenomenal!

Once upon a time, I could tell how many tabs I have opened; later upon a time (more recently) this feature has either disappeared, been disabled, or retired. I miss this ability. Can you bring it back in the mix of handling other tab features as highlighted below?


Noel Rodrigue

p.s. I tried to send this in as a reply to a recently received email "Firefox on the red carpet and the latest Mozilla news", but it bounced back. You might think of adding this facility for ease of contact.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for the feedback @NoelRodrigue! There are a couple other similar requests here on Connect:

Built-in Tab Counter/Limiter 

Add tab counter for Firefox View icon