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Old version was much better. We need more custom control.

Making moves

All but the most recent versions have remembered login info everywhere. New version can't seem to do it anymore in private mode. It was way better before you made this change, please change it back or give me the option to do it myself. In private mode FF only remembers my email but never my password for any given site. Please fix it or give me the option to.

Newer versions has this "Private browsing" literally spelled out in the upper right corner. Why? The mask icon was always enough to know which mode you were in, now you are wasting valuable tab space to spell out what I already know. I don't care so much that you spelled it out, I only care that I can't get rid of the text! We need more control over look and feel and function.

Scroll bars were never right, grey on grey is invisible! FF should have a simple color chooser for us to set our own scroll bar colors. We should not need a 3rd party add on for this basic function. Please add this in a future update with more user control everywhere else you can think of, for all things FireFox.

Please and thank you.