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New Update is horribly slow

Making moves

Never posted here and only came to because of this horrendous new update ... it has made every site SO slow. I'm sitting here for the past couple days doing anti-virus scans, checking my internet speed over and over... finally I just try another browser, chrome WORKS!

WTF have these numb skulls done... what is the phenomenon there the tech industry breaks what is working?


Making moves
I'm not upgrading my laptop as the last update deleted my bookmarks, which had never happened before with any browser. I hate Microsoft trying to control my laptop and have basically blocked them. Now Mozilla should have fixed the problem with an update deleting Bookmarks, and it should do a better job of keeping Microsoft from changing things when a Firefox browser is used. At lest point out Microsoft is changing or trying to change something. Just have a box asking users if they want this Microsoft notification. It's just coding.

I am going to switch to Chrome if Firefox does not get fixed by September 2024, everything I liked about Firefox does not matter; Firefox is to slow to load and they keep changing how it works and where the settings are. lol.