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New downloads option is BAD

Making moves

I haven't logged into this support in months. I'm literally only doing this now for a single purpose. DO NOT KEEP THIS NEW DOWNLOAD 'FEATURE'. It's horrific and takes all of the control away from us, plus it adds the additional window that isn't needed for the active downloads. WHY?! When you're downloading something large that's going to be there for a long time you don't need that window. I like control, a single extra click to be able to tell the browser where I want the file and how I want to open/save the file is exactly what I preferred. Why are you breaking something that worked fine? I've used Firefox for years, and this thing alone is making me consider switching to a different browser.

Yes, I'm aware of the work current workaround in about:config. This is mostly left to add my voice to the dissenters on begging to go back to the default of how it was instead of forcing us into the admin menu to fix our downloads.


Making moves

I totally agree with Transformer. Also, the new Download button popup on the taskbar is very annoying. Please revert back to the old settings as they were working great and didn't need any changes.