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mozilla product ideas

Making moves

 Mozilla has many products but i think they can expand more if they want to go full out with security and privacy. Products now: Browser, vpn, relay masks, extensions like translation, thunderbird. products ideas: email provider, antivirus, cloud, a upgrade for password manager, two step app thing or other products.      


Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for bringing this up — we love to hear all your ideas, including ideas for new products! And actually, a few have already been shared here on Connect:

Mozilla Cloud 

Mozilla antivirus program 

Mozilla Shield - A Proposed All-In-One Privacy and Security Solution 

Expand relay to create full mozmail E-mail 

Mozilla should make a keyboard app 

Check those out. Show them some love (kudos). Share your input. And if you want to share a new idea for a product you think Mozilla should develop, submit here.