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Moving T-BIRD PROFILES folder from WIN 7 PC to WIN 10 PC

Making moves

I'm trying to move mu PROFILES folder from this WIN 7 PC to my WIN 10 PC.  The PROFILES folder is approx. 5 GB.  I clicked on the EXPORT utility.  The recommendation is to manually backup the files since they are greater than 2 GB. I copied over the PROFILES folder to an empty thumb drive.

I brought it to the WIN 10 PC, opened T-BIRD, selected IMPORT from the Tools menu.  Followed the prompts,

selected the PROFILES folder from the thumb drive as the source, and continued. The last step is to IMPORT.  Clicked on the box (Import) and got an error message immediately, with the advice to check out the cause of the error at the Error Console.  I have NO clue where such a thing is.

This is the 5th time that I've attempted to do this transfer.  I cannot send any e-mails using the 10 PC since the Gmail screen rejects my password, which I've used successfully for my e-mail accounts on this WIN 7 PC for years.  I am writing this using the WIN 7 PC, because when I tried to do this from the WIN 10 PC, the Gmail screen popped, and wouldn't accept the password.