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More and More websites will NOT function with Firefox (Nov. 2023)

Making moves

More and More websites will NOT function with Firefox.  I just spent 30 min with web support from & I CANNOT sign in to my account on their site using Firefox (my default Browser), while I can easily sign in using Microsoft Edge (this is on a Windows 10 Computer. )

Similarly, a product recall link from ALWAYS gives an "Under Construction" error message in Firefox, while it works perfectly in Edge. 

Those are just 2 frustrating examples from today (11-13-2023).  I have many more examples from Firefox on my Android smartphone.

I don't really want to switch to a less secure Browser - is there anything I can do about this?


Making moves

I am having the same problem. Eventually I will have to discontinue using Firefox. 😞

Making moves

Having the same problem.
Seems that our well loved Fox slowly starts to age badly 😞