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Microsoft OneNote not available in Firefox

Making moves

I have been using Firefox for over 20 years without issues. I have also been using Microsoft OneNote to capture articles for future reference. A couple days ago when I was capturing an article, I got a message that Microsoft OneNote is not longer supported on Firefox and recommended I switch to a "modern" browser such as Edge. I tried Edge a few years ago when it came out and deleted it as it was causing all kinds of issues. Is there anyway Mozilla can discuss continuing support for OneNote in Firefox?  Thank you.


Making moves

To counter this I always have onenote open and I just manually copy the article to onenote.  Perhaps the easiest fix would be for Firefox to add a widget that would copy the current article to the clipboard in a manner similar to that used by onenote to clip an article.  This would make it much easier to paste things into onenote.


Hello and thanks for the post. I'd like to follow up on this... I wasn't immediately able to see it for myself, but OneNote has a couple of desktop versions and a web version, and a few ways to capture an article as well. Can you elaborate on what version you're using and what steps you take to see this message? If you could take a screenshot (that omits or redacts any private data of course) that would be brilliant. Thanks so much,


I have been using the OneNote extension OneNote Web clipper, which used to be able to clip an article of web page to OneNote from fire fox.  It copied the material to the cloud based one note that is viewable in your browser.  Since the cloud syncs with your local copy of OneNote (in my case 2016),  In this respect, the cloud based onenote is independent of version on your local system, since you can always just view the page in the cloud.
(first image)
To clip I select the web clipper (the little blue N on the bar
(second image)
You then get the following snarky message that infers that FireFox is not a modern browser (please send this to your legal department and ask them to send MS a cease and desist WRT the modern comment.
(third image)

second image

Third image

What I would like is a button add-on that selects the article text and copies it to the clipboard. This will make it easier to clip articles to my local app (or anyone's). I would not expect you to clip it to one note directly (but that would be nice).

Next time give me an email address to send a bug report to.