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Message Filter

Making moves

I use  Message filters to organize my emails.

One problem is that we can't use the "*" (everything before or anything after) or the "?" (any character) in the field that is being used to create the filter. 

Ex: I would like to be able to move every message from "*@*" in the  From email address field

emails like those here will all be transferred to the assigned folder in the filter

" ", "" or ""


Making moves

Your example does not really require the `@`. Anyway, what you could do is to try to install the filtaquilla addon ( and try the "header regexp match" search term. Unfortunately, multiple "dialects" of Regular expressions (RegEx) exist and I am not completely sure which one Thunderbird uses. You would need to look that up and check the proper syntax.

The other (probably easier) workaround would be to create multiple filters like this:

1. Filter (match any of)
filter condition: From > ends with >
filter action: tag > x

2. Filter (match all of)
filter condition A: tag > x
filter condition B: from > contains > support
action: move

This one obviously will take words into account that are written in front of the @, but it's also a little inaccurate, as it will create false positives. Also, it will require you to constantly update your filters, once you find new e-mails not triggering the filter.

The easiest workaround though, will be to simply use a single filter with "From > ends with >", the action "move" and nothing else, but that one will also create false positives.