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Managing Bookmarks

Making moves

The one, and perhaps only true weakness of Firefox is in its bookmark system.  It's not intuitive, requires a fair amount of clicking through options and menus and doesn't follow standard industry practices. 

Can we revise the bookmark system in Firefox so that you can eliminate a duplicate menu with a simple click on an option?  Or edit the bookmarks by dragging and dropping them, without opening them?  Or editing them with a right click?  Or edit each bookmark title with a drop down when hovering or left-clicking on it? 

Keep it simple...


Making moves

I hate Firefox Bookmarks. They're a mess. I have to search for folders, rather than folders gravitating to the top automatically. Nothing is in any particular order. It's just a huge mess under Other Bookmarks.

Making moves

I miss a real "manage bookmark" option in Firefox Android in a separate tab, which remains. From here I can then check or customize the bookmarks and can always return to this "manage bookmark" tab. Analogous to the desktop version of Firefox

Making moves

Le Library hasn't changed at all since decades. It's totally basic. I barely use it.When you create a new folder and rename it the sorting is not updated. You need to sort them manually. The most idiotic feature (or lack thereof) is the search tool. It finds stuff but gives no clue about which folders the links are in. The History is also terrible.

It's the same issue with many softs: the developing teams are busy adding new features no one cares about but don't correct or improve on old ones that remain barely usable. They also degrade features that were very nice like the new alphabetical order of the Windows menu.

I gave up using it for more than very simple tasks.

As a replacement I created diffent libraries in my word processors (LibreOffice or Word). I can easily order and manage them, add comments, open several windows, etc. Clicking on URLs open them in FF. Searching is very efficient. It's also much more confortable.




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