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Making current version of Firefox available to elder iOS versions.

Making moves

I'm new to this community, and have searched the board to find out if this has been discussed before. Could not find anything, maybe just used the wrong search keys. So here I go:

I'm not an app developer, althoug I'm having a developer background, and do have some understanding of app development. I wonder what how difficult it yould be to make the current version of Firefox for iOS also available to elder versions of iOS, especially iOS 12 in my case?

My iPad Air has been left behind by Apple on iOS 12, but still is a very useful device. In newer times, it happens more and more that the available version of Firefox is too old to support today web pages.

In the sense of saving the environment, it would be desirable to be able to further use elder devices instead of replacing them with new ones.

I understand the reason why developers at some point have to ababdon the support for elder releases. Nevertheless, I'm looking for a way to lengthen the life of mine and others elder devices.

Have the APIs changed so much since iOS 12 to make my idea infeasible?

I would be willing to help in development, though there is a learning curve regarding iOS app development.

Comments, anyone

Cheers, Peter


Making moves

I also have this problem.  Firefox team, can you please provide instructions on how to download an older version that is supported by iOS 12?  Not all of us can spend hundreds of dollars to replace a perfectly good iPad.