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Main problem with Firefox is memory management

Making moves

I use Firefox on Windows already for 15+ years. The main issue with Firefox is that it gets slower and slower the more memory is allocated by it. It gets to the point that Windows get unusable as getting too slow and then need to restart Firefox. This is caused also by a bad habbit of me to let many tabs open as I still want to do something later on with them.


Firefox should check which tabs use a lot of memory and release the memory if not used for a long time or if memory used up is more than 1 GB. From 1.5 GB allocated memory Windows becomes unusable.

Alternatively Firefox could show which tab uses up how much memory but this is not really a solution.
By the way I have Windows 11 with 16 GB RAM and AMD Ryzen 5. This shows that virtual memory is a wrong approach as an application that uses only 10% of the actual memory crashes the system.