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Lost the emal associated to my account

Making moves

Hi !

A few months ago, I created an account to post a message on this website. From the time I was disconnected from my browser, I don't remember the email associated with this account. I found back the username, but I did not find a way to connect the account with this information.
I tried to contact Mozilla support, but on the websites I looked at, there was no contact form to do it...

The only way I found was to create a new account and ask a question here about how can I do it 🙃

Thanks 😃


Making moves

I have this problem as well. It's really unfortunate that our options are Github (Microsoft), Google or email. I want to avoid either of those companies, so I'm stuck with e-mail. (Well, there is also Firefox account, fortunately, but I don't want to use it either to keep things separated.) This could be fixed easily if they just allowed to set a secondary e-mail (feature request).

So, I'd just like to complement this post with my complaint:

account: Vendetta

It's a fake e-mail account - ironically, yes, from Microsoft - but apparently, the Outlook algorithm felt it was suspicious and forced me to verify it with my phone after a few months, which I refused to do, and now (about a year later) I think it simply doesn't exist anymore. Fortunately, other companies exist that allow me to create an e-mail account that I could connect to Thunderbird, without premium features, and I hope that won't be exploited soon.

I'd like to get my reply of annotating pdfs linked to this account and have the account itself deleted. (Originally, I was going to ask to get access to it, but I wanted to rename the account anyway, and in meanwhile, I'm unable to vote or add suggestions, so I'm fine with just using this one.) The wish is mainly the latter - to have the account that can't be used anymore be deleted as it's taking up storage and an ID - if people can't have the same name. You can have moderate certainty that I'm the legitimate owner as I know its associated e-mail.

I'm not in a hurry, but I would appreciate it if I get my reply linked to me in the future if possible. That sounds strange perhaps, but this puts me in control (more) of what happens with my replies, if they haven't been uploaded under some community license, whenever I feel like they should be removed or so on, or in case I'd request my account and replies be anonymized. Oh, and to inherit the "05-19-2022" joined-since-date would be nice too! Although I only posted once 😛 By the way, there also doesn't seem to be a place where one can request to delete their account if they can't access it anymore. Thanks in advance!