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Loosing patience with Mozilla firefox

Making moves

I was a long time fan of this browser, but over the last couple of months, i want to reach into the screen and rip this annoying browser to shreds.

Firstly - The forcing of updates, You can tell me what you want, but if you ignore the updates the browser begins to act up. Or if you accept the update, the browser begins to act up until you restart it.

Secondly - Please can someone explain to me the logic behind this: When i click / double click a word to highlight it, in the developer tools or on any webpage, why the "VERY BAD WORD" would i want the trailing space?? If you can give me the logic here, please do.. Because it one of the most annoying things about this browser..


TRY IT!! especially in the developer tools, double click to highlite a word to copy the word and you get the trailing space included.. Then where ever you paste it, you have to press two further buttons to get rid of it..


Please explain the above? My patience with this browser is at its end.