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Making moves

Everything goes wrong since the last update of Firefox. Some websites (Yahoo, booklooker, Google etc.) keep asking for the username and password every time I open the page. I have to log in or even change my password over and over again. This was not the case until recently.


Making moves

Same problem here. Weirdly, Firefox works fine on my laptop which I constantly shut down/reboot throughout the day. But on my desktop PC, it throws me out of almost every account as soon as I close Firefox. I've checked the settings and it's not on "delete cookies upon closing Firefox". so I don't understand why it's a hit-and-miss on two computers with synced add-ons and everything.

Making moves

This started happening with the latest update to Beta 118.0. It may be bad enough to throw me off the Beta track, but I'll wait a few days for the problem to be fixed before downgrading to FF 117.0.1. Meanwhile, I can use Safari with no issue, which would not be a permanent solution.