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I used Firefox on my computer when I was working. I must have started back around ver. 15 and used it right up to the time I retired. I used it for two main reasons. First, it has more versatility than any other browser in terms of add-on. Seems there was one for just about everything I wanted to do. Second, I think it’s faster than any other browser out there. 

But, now than I’m retired and have no computer I’m forced to do everything on an iPad. Not great! But I still downloaded Firefox because still think it’s the best. 

However, and this has been an ongoing problem even before I retired, is Firefox mobile for iOS has always been a bit difficult when it comes to saving login info. And this latest version, ver. 108.1, is the worst yet. I must have set up at least a dozen accounts since downloading it and it has asked me about saving logins and passwords three times. Three, out of twelve, not great at all. I have read everything I can find on the internet and within the browser itself and most of what I find pertains to Firefox on a computer. This is regarding MOBILE FIREFOX. 

However, I checked everything I could find and it seems everything is properly set. And, I think you would admit, if it asked about saving three it has to be set right. But most of the time I have to put that information is on a note on the iPad. So I guess my question is, 1-why doesn’t it ask the question every time and 2-since it won’t is there a way to force it to save that information? As much as it pains me to say this, I was forced to use Google Chrome on one occasion, a compatibility problem with Firefox I was told, it asked me, even before I actually logged in, do I want the information saved. 

So, I don’t want to switch browsers, but it’s too much trouble to constantly go to my notes and find login information. Please don’t force me to change. I’ll try anything you suggest. 

Thanks much