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Latest Thunderbird on Windows 10 has a severe display problem

Making moves

I have just auto-updated Thunderbird to 115.3.3 (32-bit).  In my opinion, it is a mess.  But leave that aside.  After a lot of messing around I was able to bring colours and fonts to something resembling the prior version's scheme.  However, now, any time I open an e-mail into the reader pane, it always has the background painted medium gray, making e-mails un-readable.  I have searched high and low for a means to set the background back to white, but cannot find one.  To me, the resulting unreadability is so high that I will seriously consider leaving Thunderbird for something else unless this problem is fixed immediately.  Yuck.


Making moves

Me too.  I have two W10 PCs and the display is different on them.  One looks "normal", the other is impossible to set to usable fonts.  Sent messages arrive in a tiny font.  I have already switched to eM Client and I am very happy with it.