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In 113.0 I have to press tab twice to go through the drop-down list of URLs on my search bar. Why?

Making moves

The title probably says it all already. This update added a radial button to the side of each entry, and tab tries to select it instead of going to the next entry in the list. Please guys, I don't want to grab my mouse each time I have to go through my history or bookmarks, I want to CTRL + T, type my search and tab through the results like how it used to be.



Making moves

For anyone looking for a quick fix, go to about:config, look for "browser.urlbar.resultMenu.keyboardAccessible" and turn it to false.

Thank you.


Making moves

I see that Mozilla like to remove criticism from this forum. Keep up the great work Mozilla! Silencing your users is a new low, even for you. I think it's time to find another browser that respects its users and accepts constructive criticism instead of silencing it.

Mozilla, you have truly lost your way. What happened to this once great web browser called Firefox?

Go ahead, please be a hypocrite and delete this comment.