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Improve reader view for iOS Firefox

Making moves

Reader view in Firefox for iOS does not work as well as reader view in Firefox for PC or in Safari for iOS.
For example a lot of sites visited through Firefox for iOS does not support reader view. In other cases, when you visit a site, reader view is not available but, rotating the screen or opening a new tab or doing something misterious, reader view appears to be available. Other times happens that reader view is available but, when enetering in it, you can only view the title of the page or, at most, the summary. Some minor adjustments are missing probably.

What, in my honest opinion, could improve a lot quality of this browser for iOS consists in making the reading view as functional as that of the PC browser version.


Making moves

With last update of iOS app [Firefox 105.1 (19787)] reader view has been improved! 
Nice work!