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Improve firefox's bookmark manager at two things

Making moves

Years ago when i started using firefox, this bookmark manager was there. Now, it does not have even a bit change. Please refer to other browsers for the bookmark manager and provide users more convenience.

1. Hope firefox to include the bookmark manager as a part of its components, i.e. when i want to manage my bookmarks, they can be displayed in a new tab rather than a new window. Many other browsers can do this.

2. Hope firefox to change the bookmark layout, i.e. when i click a folder in my bookmarks, all the contents in that folder can be displayed in several rows rather than a single row, so i can find what i need faster.

A sample is attached for 2.


Making moves

you should arrange your bookmarks in folders. as far as I can see, it looks like a huge pile of bookmarks?

Yes, there are lots of bookmarks. I have created some folders, and my advice to firefox is aimed to making the search of a bookmark in a folder faster and more convenient. i believe that is not a technical issue because so many other browsers can do it.