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I'm seriously considering leaving firefox

Making moves

this is a bit of a rant, but every time I try to do anything slightly beyond ordinary browsing I'm reminded of how unpolished Firefox is; this was my last 10 minutes..

  • tried to send a tab from mobile to browser, but was logged out of mobile for some reason;
  • logged in on mobile and sent the tab, but it didn't work – nothing showed on desktop;
  • tried bookmarking the tab on mobile to access it on desktop, but bookmarks won't sync;
  • restarted both desktop and mobile app, but the bookmark won't appear;
  • dekstop app couldn't "restore previous session" ?? so I had to manually remember and reopen all tabs;
  • no bookmark appeared, I ended up just copying the website link via text;

I've been using firefox since forever, both desktop and mobile; this is not the first time I find myself in a similar situation, but my patience wears out every time.


Making moves

there's an easier way to send tab between mobile and desktop.
1. open tab in browser.

2. open the browser in the other device.

3. click "view recent tabs in other devices".

4. in desktop it's present in the top left corner. In mobile you can go to it by clicking tabs button, it should be the right most tab, next to private tab.

Making moves

First, have you cleared your mobile's cache? They crash all programs. Desktops' caches should be cleaned, as well.

Second, have you tried to Send to Device?

Third, are you still signed in on each one to synchronize the data?

Fourth, would you attempt to back up your browsers' history, bookmarks, and user data?

May God bless you