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I have no goddamn idea why you ruined shortcuts in new tabs

Making moves

Like hey you know what I'd like more than having them where I want. Like exactly where I want, and being able to drop new ones in and out without changing every single effing thing. Well you know I'd like it if I ever choose to add anything new. If it'd just ruin everything. And move everything. And totally defeat the notion of even having them, or at least having them be able to be drop in and drop out without totally interfering with the total notion of having them in the first place. Which is muscle memory to open set pages. Without having to think about it. IT is always great when people make change for the sake of change and screw up things that they don't understand to begin with.

There's really just nothing better than self defeating behavior. It's really the only thing people under 30 are good at. Now I don't want to add anything or change anything because it ruins everything anytime you do. That's fine work there. I don't need any weasels recommending me anything and if ABSOLUTELY MUST! **bleep** OFF! And leave my shortcuts alone. And put your BS above or below. And stop looking the the most corrupt people running the crappiest browser for inspiration. If there need there to be a toggle for it fine. You can name it the nimrod toggle. Wherever instituted that change, needs to take 5-6 years off of creative control of anything. To let their brain finish baking. Cause it's not ready yet. Cheers.


Making moves

Alternatively, BACKUP ! BACKUP ! BACKUP ! (that data is found in about.config)

Just go in your config! We broke this for no reason! Just go in your config! What are you the moron that did this or something? Are you even talking about the rows shortcut feature, on new tabs, sport?