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I can no longer take this,,,,,,

Making moves

That's it !   I've had enough of his app.   I have been using it, and donating to it, for lots of years.

Every 18/24 months, it stops recognising my passwords
It says to try new ones etc.

Thunderbird/mozilla When you used to be able to get though to them) used to blame it on MS Outlook etc.

It's happening again right now, whilst my PC is so important - life threatening, in fact.   

Of course, There is nothing wrong with MS Outlook (as usual) as I can log on quite normally on my Sons phone.  (((they even have my passwords in their database, so they are fully aware that they are correct !!)))

I'm a disabled pensioner who has to utterly rely on my equipment.

So,,,,, come on readers, which is the best email client at the moment ???