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How the community can get involved more in decisions (not just proposals)?

Making moves

So I am a former Mozilla Reps council member and part of Mozilla Italia since 2013, joined a lot of Mozilla All Hands and many other events for Mozilla.

I have already people of my community asking if this is useful to use this portal as with the experience of Ideas portal and remembering the discussion on Discourse that moved nothing. I remember in the past also other platforms like this for Firefox/Dev Tools proposals by users too, so I think that doubts are legit.

Furthermore, I wrote in the past stuff like:

So I have more doubts as to the role I have inside my local community and also on international level. This tool is a way to get just ideas, but there it will be a way to be part of the decisions?
As example there are a lot of ideas to bring back stuff removed like PWA, but this is a decision as example took by dev/manager inside Mozilla with some reasons how we can be sure that there will be just not a "we cannot move back to decisions we have already made" explanation?

I am saying this because a lot of volunteers left the community just before the covid and they are still doing it because the feeling is that we are not heard until someone get bugzilla and spam a ticket a lot to complain with the reddit exposure (and it isn't the right way as create noise and not helpful at all).


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @Mte90

First off, thanks for all your community contributions! As far as getting involved in decisions, this is the space for that. These ideas and discussions will play a role in the decision-making process as we plan future roadmaps.

For example, right now we have two active discussions hosted by Product Managers:

  1. How can we make video experience in Firefox better for you?
  2. Organizing information (tabs/tab management)

The goal of these conversations is for us to share what we're working on and to invite community input on how we can best move forward. And on this platform, we will always have similar discussions hosted by various Mozilla employees and eventually roll out some fun events to involve the community even more. 

Hope this helps!

Making moves

My worries and of other volunteers or Mozilla aficionados is to give a purpose to this portal. I mean, how we can be sure that what we suggest will be taken under evaluation and that we will get an answer publicly for that proposal?

In the past there was only the portal that was sawn from a lot of people just a place where the community can satisfy their needs of reporting or proposal, but that can be ignored by Mozilla.

With ignoring, I don't mind that Mozilla don't read that but is not interacting with the community after the first step by the reporter as example.

Basically, why I have to report stuff and invest time in this activity if no one cares to reply to me from Mozilla that is not just "thanks for your submission"?