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How do i enable firefox high priority by cpu usage

Making moves

I have a problem that forced me after 18 years to stop using firefox and switch to chrome and I can't find a way to solve it.

I have 4 tabs open on a page, when I see one, the others are out of sync, the same when I go to another application, all the others are out of sync.

I tried everything, even manually setting cpu high priority one by one, it didn't solve the problem.
I am not using chrome, but I want to continue using firefox.

any way to solve it?

no matter the cpu I use, if it is a x5650 2.6ghz or a ryzen 7900x3d

if i don't have the 4 tabs open in separate windows and viewing them in real time, the only way to make it go back to real time is closing firefox from the task manager and reopening it again.


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