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Hopefully more than just the "previous" session can be restored...

Making moves

Hello, and thank you for reading my post.  I hope you'll be able to help me with this, please...

When booting up my PC tonight, it wouldn't immediately show an active online connection even though the router had all green lights (as it usually would when I'm able to go online).  It showed the globe icon in the System Tray instead of that box-like one that resembles a monitor.

In the past, when something like this happened, I thought that I was able to restart the PC and it would then hopefully connect just fine and, when I opened my Firefox browser (the latest version), all of my MANY tabs would be there.

This time, however, that didn't work and, it took about 45 minutes (and, I admit, several attempts to restart the PC) before the computer could indeed go online.  Unfortunately, this seems to have "erased" all of the open tabs that I had and I don't know how to get them back (though I hope I can somehow).

Can you please tell me if there's indeed a way to somehow go back more than one (1) session to get tabs back, and, if so, what that is?

Please let me know, and thanks again,

Bram Weiser



Hi @bramweiser, this site is intended to share product ideas; if you're looking for support, your best bet is probably

(That said, this page might be helpful:

Thank you, @Vincent , and I apologize.  I'd searched here regarding my issue and thought I saw discussions about how to solve problems that'd arise.  I'll try that Support site, instead.

As for your suggestion, thanks for that, too, but I know that Firefox should "restore tabs from last time".  My goal is to get a recent collection restored given what I described earlier, so Firefox might not now consider that to be "last time".  I also saw that page earlier in my search, but, like others before me, couldn't find "Restore Previous Session" in the "sandwich"(?) menu under History.

Thanks again,

Bram Weiser