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History>Recently Closed Windows/Tabs

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until a few days ago, I was able to have multiple windows open with multiple tabs. When I close a window, I would be able to go back to History>Recently Closed Windows and be able to restore that whole window with all tabs. Now it seems that has changed and after closing a window the History>Recently Closed Windows/Tabs is blank. Was that utility removed in the latest update? (I close the window clicking on the X in the top right as I close anything on a PC.


Thank you


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I am having a similar problem. This is a feature I used a lot. I hope it gets fixed.


Hi, this feature still exists for regular windows, but if you close a private window, it will never appear on the Recently Closed Windows list. Note: you also can try Ctrl+Shift+N (or on Mac, Command+Shift+N) to reopen the last closed (non-private) window.

If there is a glitch even with regular windows, I suggest posting this problem on the Mozilla Support site. They have a team of support volunteers to troubleshoot malfunctions with your currently installed version of Firefox, while this site is focused on idea submissions for future versions of Firefox (looking ahead anywhere from 8 weeks to many months). Here's a link to the new question form (for Windows/Mac/Linux):

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Ctrl+shift+n works but the gui way does not. very weird. Thank you Jscher2000

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Same deal. "Ctrl+shift+n works but the gui way does not"

Or: I also don't see any GUI way how to restore a first-closed window, which was my main window (with lots of open tabs). After a normal shutdown (& restart), where I had a temp second firefox window open for some minor stuff.

This is really annoying considering as I already have had to painstakingly rebuild my main-window tabs a few times in the past because I did not know about this "Ctrl+shift+n" trick.

(Linux Mint 20.3 Cinnamon + upToDate firefox)