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Header (from, to, subject) does not always appear; message does not move from unread to read status

Making moves

With the latest release of Thunderbird (115.2.2 (64-bit), i've noticed a few unusual things:

  1. From time to time, but not every time, if I delete a message in a long list of unread messages, the screen will suddenly jump to a spot further down in the message list.  I have never seen this happen before.  Any idea what's wrong?
  2. In other apparently random instances, I open a message, see the contents, but the message header either never displays or takes from a few seconds to a minute or so to display. Until the header displays, the message does not move from an unread to a read status.
  3. There are some odd and unpleasant minor and slow text un or down movement on the screen whenever I open or delete a message. It's annoying, but not smooth and quick like it once was.

Any ideas or suggestions?