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Has Mozilla gone mad? Facebook Partnership!!??

Making moves

I dont care what you are going to say to make it sound okay, it is NOT OKAY AT ALL.
Mozilla Firefox supposed to be a Privacy Browser is not making business with Meta -> Facebook, lately i really question the mental health of Mozilla, first a unique identifier, now a partnership with zucking facebook, what's next?
Let me tell you something, if you are a privacy company then get the zuck away from companies who don't give a **bleep** zuck about privacy -> facebook, mozilla can NOT simply make a deal with facebook and claim "oh dont worry it's ok your privacy is secure, bullsh!t.

You know what, i have been using Firefox since i first accessed the internet with a webbrowser, now hear this -> one more negative thing from mozilla and that's it, bye mozilla you have lost your way.

While this is only me speaking here, MANY people have already quit firefox because of what mozilla has been doing recently. Continue what you are doing now, and soon your greatest product -> firefox will be dead.
When privacy partners with tracking & spyware this is the definition of suicidal behaviour.
I really worry about Mozillas Mental Health lately.

I will copy paste this post to a few other mozilla releated forums, let's see how long it stays on before censorship happens.

Here a few comments from reddit users on this topic:

The article says what it says, but we all have a long memory of Facebook/ Rebranded Facebook being a company that is horrible, and not to be trusted when they put out a press release.
-Nailed it

I’ve been using Firefox since like 2002. I never stopped. I really hope I don’t have to soon. I will give them the benefit of the doubt.
-Nailed it

Facebook is one company you should keep away as far as possible.
-Nailed it

Then read the article, and see that this is a case of Mozilla working with Meta to maintain privacy.
-This person must have mental issues, time to see a doctor asap!


Making moves

Yeah, ANY association with that privacy disaster of a company is disgraceful conduct. It's certainly not a decision that will tip me over the edge, seeing as there are no other good alternative browsers, but this is pissing off a lot of people.

There is a fork of firefox which is way better for privacy, they have duckduckgo as default over google and ipv6 is disable and many other telemetry settings, the only issue i have is the performance is slightly worse.

Making moves

I'm a 15+ year Firefox user. If you don't want me to stay just say so... or associate with Facebook (same thing). DuckDuckgo is already my default search engine and as much as I like FF; there are alternatives that avoid untrustworthy FB-like entanglements.


Can you link to the Reddit thread or the article you are talking about?

Making moves

yes, what are you guys talking about?also, google is the default search option in Firefox, so it wouldn't be Mozilla's first foray into the dark side


Thanks, the blog post which caused all the excitement says:

Together with our co-authors from Meta, we’ve recently proposed IPA to the Private Advertising Technology Community Group, or PATCG. PATCG is a group in the W3C specifically formed to work on improving advertising without compromising on privacy.

IPA is promising, but it is still a work in progress. We are still improving it and so welcome feedback on this idea and invite people to contribute to the discussion in PATCG. We hope this contribution will help make privacy-preserving attribution a reality.

If Mozilla is correct that IPA prevents ads from be used to track or profile users, and major advertising platforms adopt it, that would be a significant improvement over the current situation. Will Meta or Google ever actually adopt this standard without government pressure? I doubt it. Mozilla and web users still should advocate for actual regulation (rather than relying on "self-regulation"), and of course browsers still should allow users to choose to use an ad blocker.


So Meta Have contributed to something to improve privacy?And Mozilla is all good with that?

Maybe it's time to roll my own Netscape Navigator?

C'mon guys, the only reason I can convince anyone to use Firefox as opposed to chrome, is that it is not driven by tracking. This is making my job way harder.




Making moves

I had no idea that Mozilla has crawled into bed with Facebook until I signed on today. I'm officially a short-timer. The evil California techies have gone too far. When did the zombies and vampires take over Mozilla?