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Guide on how to disable threaded view in Thunderbird

Familiar face

In the aftermath of the recent threaded view update to Thunderbird I found that a guide on how to disable it fully would be helpful.

So, here's the way to disable it

Config>Config Editor>change mailnews.default_view_flags to 0


Making moves

Can you explain this more fully please? I'm not techy and I HATE the new thread thing. Horrible!

Familiar face

Sure, go to settings and scroll down until you find config editor (it will be at the very bottom).

At the next screen search for mailnews.default_view_flags (you can just input it at the top search bar) double click it and change the value to 0, press enter and close and restart Thunderbird.

Any further enquiries, feel free to ask.

Noop ..I did not work for me!