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'Grouped by Sort' has suddenly broken sort by date (115.4.2)

Making moves

Using the latest 115.4.2 version, enabling Grouped by Sort totally breaks sort by date. I'm getting a bunch of recent 2023 messages, followed by a long list of 2022 messages, then back to 2023 again. This led to several horrible/hilarious errors before I noticed what was happening - citing 2022 messages, instead of the recent ones I intended.

I've tried restarting, re-sorting, no help. The error persists in all folders, and has survived several decimal-point Thunderbird updates. As long as I stay in Unthreaded view I'm okay. But Grouped by Sort was the number-one feature I hoped would work better in 115. (I'm finding that none of the problems I've been most concerned about in Thunderbird have been addressed, let alone fixed, in 115. Sort being top of the list...)

Can anyone suggest a way of fixing the sort? I'm on the verge of reverting to a pre-115 build, but keep hoping there's going to be a fix in one of the frequent 115 updates. So far, however, I can't even find an open bug report on my problem.