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Grasshopper - Alternative tab manager

Making moves

Wanted to share this addon I'm working on. It's an alternative way to control tabs in the browser.

Shows a list of open tabs.
Tabs update in real time.
Powerful filter.
Pin tabs.
Close tabs.
Close multiple tabs.
Show pins or playing tabs.
Filter by title or url.
Re-open recently closed tabs.
Show tab titles or urls.

Maybe inspires some Mozilla dev idk 🙂



It looks nice. Here are a few comments.

(1) The Sort button appears to switch from last accessed order to current tab index order. But a second click doesn't do anything. Maybe it should toggle back and forth?

(2) If I'm editing a filter and press the Del key (this is on Windows), the tab currently selected on the list is closed. This is a bit unexpected for me and I'm not sure what behavior your users will prefer (Del is active or inactive when the cursor is in that box).

(3) If I use Ctrl+Shift+T to restore a closed tab while the panel is open, the tab appears multiple times, presumably corresponding to various update events. Probably this would be infrequent, but you may want to add some code to prevent duplicates.

(4) For those of us who use multiple windows for different projects, you might want to add a checkbox or filter for current window (default) vs. all windows so one could search across all the windows. Or maybe not enough people need that.

Maybe I'll borrow the filter/search idea for my add-on:


By the way, you may have noticed when the tab bar overflows, that Firefox's internal "Tab Manager" button is displayed near the right end of the tabs bar (tooltip is "List All Tabs") (older screenshot inserted below).

If you want to propose changes to that feature, you could post under the Ideas section of this site. There already is a post for adding a close button: (Found another one:


Making moves

Hey thanks for the feedback. I removed the Sort button in favor of Clean (close all tabs except pins). I decided to just stick with last visit date, if I keep Sort then I'd have to work it more and add repositioning to simulate changing the position of tabs.

I hear you about the Delete key issue, I removed it to avoid that confusion, now closing has to be done with the mouse exclusively. But I'll keep thinking how to make more operations available with the keyboard. Like accessing Closed Tabs with a shortcut that's intuitive etc.

About the ctrl+shift+t, apparently the updates come too fast when used and I'm using an await in the function `await browser.tabs.get(id)` But should be fixed now, I added temporary empty tab items that get updated.

I personally rarely use multiple windows, mostly launch instances with different profiles for specific tasks, don't need to share tabs, but it's indeed something to consider.

Your extension looks powerful, I'll check it out.

I noticed that Tab Manager widget but I prefer working on mine for my own needs, plus I can port it to Chrome if need be :)))