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Getting back to old design after update?

Making moves

Hello Thunderbird team,

today i got a design update for my thunderbird. I personally don't like it and would appreciate to enable the "old" design i had before. Is this possible? Design presets would be amazing, so you can add new ones and people like me can keep their old ones.

With the new update everything is smaller and backround is a lot darker and minor and its a bit annyoing to play around with all those settings.

Greets Phil


Making moves

The update button is really small now, the "new mail" button is no on a weird position. It remebers me like the downgrade design from Unreal Engine 5, from 4. You had a perfect design, why did you changed it so much? Personally i think its a lot worse then before 😕

+1  The design was fine.  Why ruin it?

Making moves

I don't know why Mozilla thinks the new format is better?  More 'junk' clogging up the the page and unnecessarily moving things around is not always better.  The new update is an annoyance, not an improvement.  A button to select the "Classic" format should be included.

I would like to roll back and would appreciate instructions.

Making moves

Supernova is such a good name, take a perfectly good star, & blow it up.  Supernova sucks.