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Forum Improvement Suggestions

Making moves

Two annoyances in this forum:

  1. If I try to search for a similar topic before posting, the search results page has done away with the "Start a discussion" button.  Many other fora have a much better integration of the functionality to search for topics and create new ones.
  2. Topics which have been closed to further comments have the boilerplate text, "Sorry, either you cannot reply to this topic or you have not verified your email address by clicking on the verification link in the email we sent you when you registered. If you did not receive an email from us, or need us to resend it, please visit your User Profile page." in the disabled Comment field. This isn't very informative and can be downright misleading for novice contributors. Please use an appropriate text to indicate that topics have been closed to further comments.

Familiar face

I would like to suggest that this forum keep us logged in for a certain length of time.  It's getting very annoying to need to log in almost every time I reply to a comment.  Most sites allow us to stay logged in unless we intentionally log out.